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X2M is a technology company that uses the internet to deliver productivity improvements, cost savings and improved public safety to enterprise and government customers. X2M’s current focus is servicing the utility sector in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) utility market through the provision of technology which connects devices over the internet, such as water meters and gas pressure sensors and which enables data exchange and control of these devices. This category is commonly referred to as the Internet of Things (IoT).

In the Field

X2M has more than 100,000 devices connected to it’s IoT platform and distributed intelligence solution generating real-time information and control to over 30 customers in many countries and operating over multiple radio technologies. That’s proof that we offer a world class, leading edge solution that is adaptable and scalable.

Our approach

X2M uses it’s patent protected two-way, distributed intelligence solution to address the problems that utilities, local government and enterprise customers face in an efficient and cost effective manner. The Microengine provides flexibility in the location of the intelligence and allows remote reprogramming of the smart applications providing a future proof outcome for the customer.

Case Study

Gochang City Council, South Korea – Smart Meter Installation and Monitoring

X2M’s technology solution is able to address a broad range of industry problems and focus areas, with a number of key features.


We are emerging as a globally significant, partner and supplier to the utility industry.

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