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X2M is bringing together an eco-system of partners to help land developers deliver smart communities

Supporting sustainability through smart communities

The Australian Energy market is a huge opportunity for X2M with the Australian energy landscape in crisis — X2M is working on Smart Communities to bring an interconnected solution to provide increased savings to the community and its residents.

X2M is making a meaningful contribution to Australia’s move towards ‘net zero’ via the delivery of innovative energy management solutions for residential, commercial and rural customer environments. X2M will work with land developers to meet their objective of being socially and environmentally responsible through the creation of an ecofriendly and sustainable residential developments.

X2M fully understands that any push towards ‘net zero’ via the provision of clean energy solutions to communities and other customers requires a partner ecosystem. To this end, X2M continues to work on assembling a group of partners to participate in delivering these outcomes.

Watch the X2M smart communities video.

The X2M Connect and Resi Ventures smart community in Echuca made the evening news.

The 1,000 home McMahon’s Place estate coming to Echuca will be a smart community with a goal of being eco-friendly, supporting sustainability and with lower cost energy for residents.

Under the plan, Resi Ventures has agreed to include certain sustainability equipment into the design standards for the estate and X2M will provide a smart community energy management solution. Homeowners will be able to elect to participate in the estate energy scheme that will be provided through X2M’s ecosystem and will be able to obtain energy savings and other benefits as part of subscription to the scheme.

Project Highlights

Lots in the McMahon's Place estate
Planned number of community batteries in McMahon's Place

We are emerging as a globally significant, partner and supplier to the utility industry.

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