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Panel Background

Customers transform their mode of operation from highly manual to one that is data rich, automated and with control capability.

Gochang City Council, South Korea – Smart Meter Installation and Monitoring

The Problem

(a) Underground water meters are difficult to access, particularly in winter when the covers can be frozen over;

(b) Reliance on bill estimation when meters cannot be accessed by meter readers;

(c) Estimation can lead to customer dissatisfaction with billing accuracy; and

(d) Limited detection capability for water leakages.

X2M Solution

Meters retrofitted to make them “smart” and communicate with X2M’s IoT platform;

(e) Provides accurate, real time data on usage increasing accuracy of billing;

(f) Big data analytics utilised to monitor irregular patterns of usage and leaks to address water loss and potential social welfare issues

For example in Gochang province following X2M’s technology deployment in March 2018 saw:

  • 19% leak detection improvement ; and
  • 200+ social welfare cases detected from water non-use.

This large-scale deployment at Gochang is regularly used as a demonstration project to introduce other South Korean municipalities to the benefits of the X2M technology solution.

Project Highlights

percent leak
detection improvement.
+ social welfare cases
detected from water non-use.

We are emerging as a globally significant, partner and supplier to the utility industry.

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