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Panel Background

Residential gas meters (mains and bottled gas) including billing data, pressure measurement, remote valve control, meter parameter setting, leak detection, earthquake detection, pressure alerts Grid pressure station including pressure measurement and alerting, event and fire alerts.

Azbil Kimmon, Japan – Software Licencing (ongoing)

Azbil Kimmon Co, Ltd (Azbil) is a leading gas and water meter manufacturer in Japan. X2M, through its Japanese subsidiary, won a competitive tender to licence its software for integration with Azbil’s gas meters.

Azbil sought a platform provider that supported a data collection, predictive demand and logistics management solution to integrate into its gas meter hardware for marketing to its utility customers.

The Problem

(a) Residential and commercial bottled gas in Japan is metered. However, without knowledge of how much gas is left in the bottle, customers can run out of gas.

(b) Just-in-case replacement incurs inefficiencies as gas bottles that are partially full are in transit.

(c) Drivers typically don’t use the most efficient route, resulting in larger number of fleet vehicles required and overtime pay.

X2M Solution

Created centralised platform to act as point of coordination to remotely monitor usage and residual levels of gas over LTE-M networks.

(d) This usage and residual gas level information shall be available for use by a predictive algorithm to determine when the gas bottle will run out.

(e) Dynamic task lists for the drivers can be generated that minimise time taken to replace and kilometres travelled without the customer ever having to run out of gas.


An initial trial by Azbil at a large Japanese gas company showed up to 20% logistics cost savings

(f) X2M won the contract in December 2018 to deploy a production meter data management system within Azbil by June 2019 to form the basis of their gas bottle logistics solution.

(g) SaaS license and services contract executed in March 2020.

(h) The rollout under the SaaS licensing contract now exceeds 55,000 devices.

Project Highlights

thousand devices connected
percent logistics
cost savings in trial
million Japan households
with gas cylinders

We are emerging as a globally significant, partner and supplier to the utility industry.

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