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The XME is astoundingly flexible. It can support simple battery operated devices right through to complex environments with thousands of devices. This means the same control and management platform can be used for all your devices - from simple to complex - and from a range of manufacturers. Peace of mind, simplicity and savings (time and money).

Game changing Microengine intelligence.

The Microengine (XME) is something we’re very proud of.

Imagine putting a tiny (and clever) robot into your temperature sensors, CO2 fire sensors, pipeline flow and pressure sensors and smart meters for gas, water and electricity consumers – and then having that robot report back to you when and how you’d like while installing any upgrades you’ve sent it.

Now imagine it responding to emergencies autonomously depending on the information it receives locally (say, alerting tenants to a gas leak and shutting it off) without having to call you up and ask what to do first? (Very handy if the comms link back to your control centre goes down).

The Microengine along with our IoT Platform, Vision by Freestyle, is one of our IoT game-changers. It can turn a ‘dumb’ device into a decision maker (and potential life saver) and all XME enabled devices are ‘comms agnostic’. This means they can use any industry standard communication protocol for wireless and fixed lines such as 3/4/5G, NBIoT, Lora, Sigfox, ZigBee, Ethernet, etc. to communicate with our IoT Platform and then on to you.

So, can I build the XME into my devices? But of course!

X2M can supply Software Development Kits (SDKs) to all eco system partners. The SDK provides all of the development tools and framework required for device level integration.

The IoT Platform is a scalable cloud-based ‘management platform’ which provides secure access to remote XME enabled devices. It’s a single, business-grade enterprise solution for all IoT vertical markets. This means you no longer need to source or create cumbersome proprietary systems for each of your IoT projects.

When we say all IoT vertical markets, we mean it. We are focused on the utility vertical but our solution is also suitable for automotive, logistics, healthcare, consumer goods and retail customers all connecting to the same cloud platform.

When you build-in intelligence and applications (i.e. our XME) into air conditioners, cars, trucks, white goods, household and commercial appliances, utility assets and gas or electricity meters, you get full, seamless interoperability between these end-devices and your back-office systems. It’s not just simple data collection either. The communication goes both ways, e.g. downloading applications to your deployed devices to ensure the devices are up-to-date with your customers’ needs. All this functionality is thanks to our ‘comms agnostic’ IoT Platform.

A gas-leak or pressure drop is detected via an XME enabled device. The alarm goes out to all relevant stakeholders – instantly – via our IoT Platform and since the IoT Platform is two-way, messages and actions can be sent to the end-device as well – instantly. Save time. Save money. Save lives.

Disruptions happen – from freak weather events to maintenance and upgrades (planned and unplanned) – but with X2M disruptions don’t have to be disastrous for your customers – or your bottom line. Use an edge deployed XME APP and/or a cloud-deployed Vision by Freestyle(TM) to pinpoint and diagnose problems, suggest solutions and to automatically make time, money and life saving decisions.

X2M provides dedicated security on top of that provided by your telco/communication partners. Your access to our IoT Platform, your XME enabled devices (non XME enabled devices too) and the data-streams between them are all encrypted and secure. We support battery powered or ‘sleepy’ devices – this ensures all data is re-sent once normal network services are restored.

Key Capabilities

End-user utility meters will deliver readings and real-time alarms while valve and pressure control can be enacted at your end or automatically via the Microengine on site at the meter. But the Microengine is far from a network-dependent device. If for some reason the comms link to back to your systems is lost, the Microengine will carry out its internal programming – like shutting off valves etc. in an emergency situation – and then resume its other duties once comms resume. This level of control and monitoring applies to your pipeline/cable infrastructure too. And of course you’ll have service-quality, temperature and flow reporting/control at your fingertips.



The X2M solution is truly ‘comms agnostic’. If your data needs to get to you via cellular 3/4/5G, NBIoT, Lora, Sigfox, Wi-Sun, ZigBee, WiFi, ZWave, Ethernet, serial, etc. we’ll get it to you without a hitch.

Yes, ANY data. Simple data, video, small packets and large. And we can give it to you in real-time; store and forward it at predetermined intervals or on demand.

We talk a lot about being ‘comms agnostic’ but it’s core to what we do, who we are and it’s what sets X2M apart from others in the IoT space. Okay, so what do we mean when we say ‘comms agnostic’? Simply put we mean that with X2M’s innovative technology, the data on your remote devices (smart-meters, sensors etc.) can travel happily to your back-end, via any (and we really mean ANY) communications medium you choose to use. We handle it all. Seamlessly. Whenever and however you want it.


Devices powered by our Microengine don’t wait to be told what to do in critical situations. They automatically (and instantly) respond to alarms, alerts and events with their own set of instructions. Other solutions have to send a message to a back-end server and wait for a response from your systems or perhaps even a physical operator. X2M’s approach saves time, saves money and, most importantly, saves lives.


X2M has more than 500,000 devices connected to it’s IoT platform and distributed intelligence solution generating real-time information and control to over 70 customers in many countries and operating over multiple radio technologies. That’s proof that we offer a world class, leading edge solution that is adaptable and scalable.
We control water meters in low density rural locations where the snow covers the meter that is buried in pit 1m below the surface, we control meters in high density city locations where the skyline is blurred with wires of all sorts and we control gas meters that are situated on outside balconies of 30 storey apartment complexes but also in single storey large size homes.

The versatility of the X2M solution is proven by the range of customer types that we have secured. Utility companies, local government and enterprise customers alike select X2M solutions for their features and the return on investment.

Customers select X2M in place of other suppliers because they can’t provide:

  • A single platform to monitor and control any IoT device; over any network, be it from the cloud or at the edge.
  • Upgrade or expand the functionality of all deployed devices in one go by sending them a new application (far simpler than firmware upgrades) and thereby extend your asset’s useful life;
  • Enable end-devices to make intelligent decisions (via XME) without the need for commands to be sent from your end.

What is IoT?

IoT Device:

These are individual smart devices, either built in or added to a meter or other infrastructure item that can connect to the internet to send and receive data.

IoT Hub:

A small computing device that is located near the end smart devices. Its purpose is to collate and simplify the information received from each device and trigger local actions. Data is also sent to the central IoT platform in the cloud to trigger group actions. Some IoT devices do not make use of the IoT hub.

IoT Platform:

The software application that allows device, alert and user management, data collection and visualisation, application development and analytics.

The IoT enables old style analogue devices to become “smart” devices delivering immediate customer benefits, as evidenced in the utility market.


We are emerging as a globally significant, partner and supplier to the utility industry.

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