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Taiwan's GreenRock Energy Co. enters Australian market

GreenRock Energy Co., Ltd (GreenRock) is a leading renewable energy generation, battery management and energy trading company based in Taiwan. GreenRock has announced its entry into the Australian energy market via Chinese language media in Taiwan. In extracts from these media releases, GreenRock said “Answering the call for clean energy in the APAC region, GreenRock Energy announced that it would partner with X2M in Australia to embrace the trend of energy transition and officially enter the Australian energy storage and smart community market.”

In partnering with X2M, GreenRock said “As Taiwan’s utilities enter a period of transition, GreenRock Energy will work with X2M to introduce an energy management system to achieve accurate analysis of energy demand, real-time notification of defective status through AI efficiency analysis and 24-hour cloud monitoring. This functionality will simultaneously carry out preventative warnings and optimise energy usage, showing high efficiency and optimised power consumption.”

X2M is an Australian based technology company specialising in data aggregation and control for automation and AI applications in the utility sector of APAC. It operates in technologically highly advanced nations like Japan, South Korea and Taiwan and has recently entered the Middle East market.

X2M CEO Mohan Jesudason said: “The renewable energy and battery storage markets globally are expected to be large and Australia is no exception. We are looking forward to these initial deployments in our home country and expanding it to other markets in due course.”


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